Samsung Electronics unveiled the tour vlog titled “Emma Myers in Seoul” — a film shot entirely on the new Galaxy S24 Ultra that follows actress Emma Myers, known for her role in the Netflix series “Wednesday,” and her adventures in Seoul.

With most of the scenes shot by Emma herself, the film highlights the unique capabilities of the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s powerful camera and provides an intimate, firsthand view of the city.

Throughout the video, viewers can experience the different aspects of Seoul — from the iconic landmarks popular among tourists to glimpses of the city’s hidden local gems. While exploring the city, the new Galaxy S24 Ultra acted as the perfect travel companion for Emma.

Equipped with advanced AI technology, the Galaxy S24 Ultra enabled her to perform a variety of useful functions, including confirming reservations over the phone with Live Translate, discovering hotspots among locals with Circle to Search with Google and capturing highlights from a K-pop concert with Nightography Zoom.

“Nowadays, users enjoy capturing what they are experiencing with their phones. They want to do so quickly and easily,” said Hangyeol Lee, the director of the film. “For this reason, I think the Galaxy S24 Ultra is a great choice for users. Shooting with even the basic settings resulted in fantastic image exposure and breathtaking color tones.”

A stand-out moment of the film is when Emma meets TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), her favorite K-pop group, and participates in a dance challenge with them. When attending the concert later in the video, she was surprised by the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s upgraded Nightography Zoom function.

Even from far away and in low-light conditions, Emma was able to capture TXT in vibrant detail as they performed on stage.

Since last year, Emma has been a member of Team Galaxy. The new “Emma Myers in Seoul” film joins the Filmed #withGalaxy campaign which showcases the powerful camera capabilities of Galaxy.

Building on the legacy of previous Galaxy devices, the film demonstrates how the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the perfect creative tool for shooting everyday moments and memorable occasions alike.

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