Good news to all Pokémon fans out there! Samsung Malaysia is rolling out a new cover for its Galaxy Buds FE – the brand new Pokémon Eco Friends Buds Cover!

The collaboration aims to bring a fresh and exciting experience to fans of both brands. This cover is set to captivate audiences of all ages, allowing them to express their values and personal style simultaneously.

Purchase the Galaxy Buds FE to receive the Pokémon Eco Friends Cover worth RM169, for free! How cool is that! For those who are still in the midst of thinking what to gift your loved ones, this could be a cute option to bring smile to their faces!

Be sure to grab it now by adding the item to your cart or visiting participating Samsung Experience Stores before it’s gone! This offer 2 runs from 1 st December until 31 st December 2023!

To find out more about Galaxy Buds FE and the Pokémon Greatball Eco-Friends Cover, please visit:
1. Galaxy Buds FE:
2. Pokémon Greatball Eco-Friends Cover:


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