Samsung Electronics has once again been ranked the “The World’s Best Employer” by Forbes.

This accolade marks the fourth consecutive year that Samsung has received the top ranking, a truly impressive achievement that reflects the powerful momentum the
electronics giant has gathered by supporting and empowering its employees to reach their full potential.

Using Statista, Forbes surveyed over 170,000 employees across 50 different nations including the U.S., U.K., Germany, China, India, Vietnam, Korea and others. Participants responded to the survey by evaluating their company’s social responsibility, economic performance, and working conditions — in addition to being asked whether they would recommend the company to family or friends.

Furthermore, employees were also asked to evaluate other companies within the same industry. All the responses were combined into a score, and the 700 companies with the highest scores made the final list.

Companies pay no fee to participate in the survey, and are strictly prohibited from interfering with the survey process and results, with all participants having their anonymity fully protected.

Samsung’s continued success in the Forbes list stems from its employees having a high level of satisfaction and pride in their company, as well as the positive reputation that the company has in the industry.

In the announcement article, Forbes highlighted how leading companies, including Samsung, are emphasizing growth opportunities, global cooperation, remote work, and providing work that is meaningful to their employees.

Samsung Electronics continues to innovate its work culture and systems to provide a comfortable and safe environment that enables employees at all levels get the most out of their work.

The company also provides non-work-related amenities such as in-house restaurants, clinics, fitness centres, mental health counselling clinics and other facilities.

Additionally, Samsung offers an in-house venture program called “Creative Lab” and the Employee Resource Group (ERG), which is a voluntary networking group of executives and employees who share a common interest in diversity and inclusion.

Employee pride is also increased with participation in many philanthropic programs that contribute to the local community, such as “Solve for Tomorrow,” and “Samsung Innovation Campus.”

To foster innovation and collaboration, Samsung also has rolled out and supports “Mosaic,” an internal idea-sharing platform; the Samsung Talent Exchange Program (STEP), a global mutual talent exchange program; and the University of Samsung Electronics (UniverSE), which provides integrated job and leadership education so that employees can grow into global leaders.

Each of these initiatives contributes to the increased development, engagement, and satisfaction of the talented employees that choose to work at Samsung.
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