Samsung Galaxy foldables’ unique form factor seamlessly combines the nostalgic shape of past flip phones with the robust capabilities of modern smartphones for a highly optimized photo-shooting experience.

Users can effortlessly capture their best angles with the Galaxy Z Flip5’s distinct features — from the versatile FlexCam and new Flex Hinge for convenient hands-free shooting to the larger Flex Window perfect for setting up selfies in real time.

Samsung Newsroom has compiled five tips on how to capture epic selfies to ensure users make the most of their Galaxy Z Flip5.

1. Using FlexCam for High-Quality Selfies
The rear cameras on Galaxy smartphones are ideal for shooting any type of photo — including selfies. With FlexCam, users can capture clear, high-definition photos using the 12MP rear camera even when the phone is folded.

To ensure even the smallest details are picture-perfect, the 3.4-inch Flex Window gives users access to tools such as timer mode, Motion photo, aspect ratio settings and more directly from their screen.

Taking high-quality selfies has never been easier thanks to FlexCam and Flex Window on the Galaxy Z Flip5

After a selfie session, users can easily end up with hundreds of photos in their Gallery — all in pursuit of the best and most flattering angles. With the Galaxy Z Flip5’s handy Quick View, users can scroll through captured photos on the Flex Window and mark favorites or delete images with just a simple touch of a button.

Viewing photos with Quick View
2. Capture Full-Body Candid Photos With Flex Mode
When taking a photo with a breathtaking backdrop, it can be difficult to position the subject within the frame. Fortunately, Flex Mode on the Galaxy Z Flip5 gives users the flexibility to adjust their phone’s angle and capture stunning full-body photos.

Activating Flex Mode is as simple as unfolding the Galaxy Z Flip5 when the camera is on and adjusting it to the desired angle for effortlessly striking selfies. Since the Galaxy Z Flip5 can be propped open at different angles, users can enjoy unparalleled flexibility to capture themselves in any position or setting.

The wide-angle lens in Flex Mode is an ideal choice for accentuating a subject’s height. Users can find and shoot the optimal angle by placing the Galaxy Z Flip5 on the floor below the subject and adjusting the Flex Window.