, a leading e-commerce company, sets its sights on the US, Korea, Arab Saudi, Singapore, Brunei, and Australia in its 2024 market expansion strategy, aligning with the evolving e-commerce landscape.

With a forward-looking approach, it aims to improve tech-driven elderly care solutions for seniors’ essential service accessibility while closely partnering with healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and home nursing providers who handle product inquiries.

“The elderly are the most vulnerable population in the world, and they are especially affected by the pandemic. Malaysia is officially categorised as an ageing nation because the proportion of individuals aged 65 years and older is projected to reach 7.3% of the total population this year.

To further address these critical needs, we also have plans to establish iElder in Penang and Johor for the domestic market,” said Founder of iElder Asia, Dr. Kong Why Hong.

“With this realisation, iElder Asia provides a safe and secure online environment for senior citizens to access the services they need without stepping out of their homes.

Through the company’s e-commerce website, users can compare prices of various elderly care items, book appointments for medical consultations, and purchase supplies while enjoying convenience and affordability. In a time when the elderly are often the forgotten demographic, we wanted to make sure their needs are not overlooked,” elaborated Dr. Kong.

Olivia Quah with her mother

iElder Asia was founded with the vision of providing elderly people with access to the necessary resources, support, and assistance for a better life. Its web platform is a one-stop solution for providing everything for elderly care, including new products, short-term rentals, and selling used medical equipment. The platform helps customers find new buyers for equipment they no longer need through their second-hand collection page, iElder.

The icing on the top is that iElder Asia also offers customer service support to ensure all users’ queries and concerns are duly addressed. The team is committed to providing the best user experience by evaluating and responding to individual customer needs.

iElder Asia actively caters to B2B and B2C segments, including supplying to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, nursing homes, and corporate companies as well as end users.

Besides, iElder Asia has established a loyalty-focused membership program, and the product range has expanded to include disposable items, enhancing customer relationships. The company also offers flexible payment plans, with instalments up to 24 months.

“Our tagline is – Elderly Care Made Simple! With our solutions, your loved ones will enjoy a higher quality of life and mental well-being,” enthused Dr. Kong.

In a heartfelt revelation, Co-Founder Olivia Quah shared her journey that inspired the creation of’s e-commerce division, saying, “A few years ago, my Mom’s shower fall triggered my dedication. Her hour-long struggle to contact me, coupled with my father’s dementia, emphasised the need for tech-driven, accessible solutions for senior citizens.”

“My father’s inability to recall my contact number intensified the situation. When the call came, it became a race against time to return home and provide my mother with the necessary medical attention.” This personal experience forms the core of’s dedication to enhancing elderly care.

“iElder Asia is playing an increasingly important role in improving the lives of elderly people across the country. By combining traditional elderly care services with the power of technology, they are able to bridge gaps in elderly care and improve the quality of life for many senior citizens.

Our commitment extends beyond iElder, encompassing an omnichannel strategy that involves supplying hospitals and distributing to pharmacies and medical stores,” Olivia added.

iElder has been shortlisted as a top E-commerce Merchant in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Additionally, the Co-Founder achieved the title of Winner for The Resilience 30 Women Awards in 2022 and secured the third-place position in the NAWEM Women Entrepreneur Award for 2023.