For users who want to keep their devices in the best condition, a phone case is a must-have.

What’s more, cases enhance the mobile experience with added functionality and limitless styles to choose from.

To help users personalize their devices and keep them protected, Samsung Electronics has
unveiled a new lineup of custom-fit cases for the new Galaxy Z Fold5 and Z Flip5.

Wield the S Pen With Greater Comfort: Galaxy Z Fold5 Slim S Pen Case

Galaxy Z Fold5 Slim S Pen Case in Icy Blue and Sand. The case is available in Graphite with
Black S Pen Fold edition, Sand with Apricot S Pen Fold edition and Icy Blue with Lime S Pen Fold edition.

The Galaxy Z Fold5 Slim S Pen Case features a slim design that effortlessly houses both the Galaxy Z Fold5 and S Pen Fold edition. Aside from the eye-popping colors, the case contains recycled plastic materials that help consumers protect their phones

Grab-and-Go Viewing Experiences: Galaxy Z Fold5 Standing Case With Strap

Galaxy Z Fold5 Standing Case with Strap in Sand. The case is available in Sand and Graphite.

To make the most out of the Galaxy Z Fold5’s stunning display, the Galaxy Z Fold5 Standing Case 2 with Strap offers a strap that can be easily swapped for a detachable kickstand — enabling full-screen viewing wherever, whenever.

The kickstand creates a comfortable, hands-free viewing experience on the Galaxy Z Fold5,
whereas the attachable strap provides a stable and secure grip for easy transport.

Additionally, the simple yet practical design gives users the ability to freely swap the detachable kickstand and strap for other compatible case accessories — allowing complete customization to suit their device needs and style preferences.

Like the Galaxy Z Fold5 Slim S Pen Case, the Galaxy Z Fold5 Standing Case with Strap
incorporates recycled plastic materials.

Sturdy Yet Soft: Galaxy Z Fold5 Eco-Leather Case

For those looking for a more premium case, the Galaxy Z Fold5 Eco-Leather Case is the perfect way to elevate the appearance of the Galaxy Z Fold5. The case features a smooth exterior and a soft inner lining that snuggly grips the phone. What’s more, the eco-leather case is made with bio-and plant-based sources including corn and other recycled plastic materials.

While some smartphone accessories can be uncomfortable to hold for extended periods, the plant-based leather exterior of the Galaxy Z Fold Eco-Leather Case makes gripping and handling the device effortless throughout the day. With a sophisticated form-fitting design, the Galaxy Z Fold Eco-Leather Case assures users that their phones are in safe hands and will be protected from damage.

Minimalist Design With Maximum Customization: Galaxy Z Fold5 Clear Gadget Case

Some users prefer a simple case that allows them to show off their devices. The Galaxy Z Fold5 Clear Gadget Case is perfect for this — featuring a transparent design that lets the Galaxy Z Fold5 shine.

Galaxy Z Fold5 Clear Gadget Case allows users to swap between multiple accessories.

The Galaxy Z Fold5 Clear Gadget Case redefines “multifunctionality” with its flexible accessory attachments for different situations — from rings for taking pictures to stands for watching videos and straps for convenient carrying.

Stylish Cases With a Soft Finish: Galaxy Z Flip5 Silicone Case With Ring

The Galaxy Z Flip5 Silicone Case with Ring blends fashion with functionality by adding a pop of pastel to a soft, silicone case made to fit any finger. The case and ring come in five colors — Mint, Apricot, Lavender, Indigo and Cream — and are made from recycled materials.

Like its Galaxy Z Fold5 case counterpart, the Galaxy Z Flip5 Flap Eco-Leather Case is crafted with plant-based leather for a durable design that’s made to last. The chic case incorporates bio-and plant-based sources, such as corn and recycled plastic materials, to give the Galaxy Z Fold5 an upgraded, sustainable feel.

To ensure the Galaxy Z Flip5’s signature hinge stays protected during use, the Galaxy Z Flip5 Flap Eco-Leather Case envelops the hinge for extra protection.