It is said that many of the best things in life come in threes. In art and design, the primary colours – red, blue, and yellow – are the building blocks for creating a vast array of other colours.

Together, they form the foundation of colour theory. In photography, design and aesthetics, the rule of thirds is a discipline that produces a more dynamic composition, making them more pleasing to the eye.

Throughout history, the number ‘three’ emerges as a symbol of balance, harmony and completeness. The third generation OPPO Foldable, as teased in the upcoming Find N3 Flip,
is representative of this rule.

With its innovative foldable soon to be introduced to the Malaysian market, OPPO aims to continue its mission to push boundaries and define the foldable experience.

The upcoming Find N3 Flip represents a pursuit of the best photography experience possible in a foldable smartphone. With three incredible cameras, each capable of professional-grade photography compositions, the Find N3 Flip delivers an uncompromised experience, being the first flip phone in the market to debut a telephoto camera, class-leading triple cameras, as well as large camera sensors.

The Three Cameras

Picture yourself in the heart of the city at twilight. Find N3 Flip’s primary camera comes to life, capturing the cityscape with breathtaking clarity and depth. Even in low-light conditions, this camera ensures your night shots are nothing short of magical, preserving intricate details and minimizing unwanted noise.

Say goodbye to grainy, dull night photos – this camera makes every moment shine. When journeying to the great outdoors, the Find N3 Flip’s ultra-wide camera invites you to explore the world from a whole new perspective.

It allows you to transform your landscape shots into captivating vistas, allowing you to
effortlessly capture the grandeur of nature. When it is time to focus on the finer details, the Find N3 Flip’s autofocus feature allows you to capture even the intricate patterns of a flower petal in stunning detail.

OPPO Find N3 Flip Rear Camera Module

When it comes to portraiture, having the Find N3 Flip on hand is akin to having a professional photographer at hand. It understands the art of capturing emotions and expressions. Imagine taking portrait shots that not only look stunning but also feel authentic. Now, it’s easier to bring your subjects to life, making every smile, every glance, and every moment more intimate and memorable.

An Innovative Cover Screen Experience

80+ Native Cover Screen Apps

The previous generation OPPO Find N2 Flip debuted the largest cover screen of any flip phone. With it came a host of useful and fun features and functionalities within the cover screen, that when combined with its impressive camera system, further underlined the Find N2 Flip’s versatility.

OPPO’s philosophy that "Vertical is Better" remains unchanged and this is once again exemplified in the Find N3 Flip’s cover screen. The phone’s vertical cover screen offers a superior preview experience that allows you to frame your shots more effectively, ensuring that both your subject and background remain perfectly in view.

No more awkwardly cropped selfies – OPPO’s vertical approach is designed to make your photography seamless.

Ultra-wide selfie

OPPO’s vertical cover screen experience offers a more natural and intuitive interaction, showcasing an abundance of information. When compared to other products, the Find N3 Flip takes the lead in providing comprehensive previews of text messages, emails and even social media posts, allowing you to delve deeper into your conversations.

This underscores OPPO’s unwavering commitment to setting the gold standard for intuitive experiences and firmly establishing its leadership in this dynamic market.

OPPO Find N3 Flip Cover Screen Pets

Here is where the fun really begins – interactive pets. Eight adorable 3D pets, including a Koala, Panda, Tiger, and more, are now your delightful companions within your smartphone. A simple tap on the cover screen, and you will be treated to playful animations guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

The Creaseless Display Revolution

In the world of foldable smartphones, the elusive dream of a completely creaseless display has remained just out of reach. However, OPPO’s relentless pursuit of perfection has brought us closer to this dream, with the Find N3 Flip boasting a shallower, narrower, and less obvious crease than its competitors.

In fact, from many angles, it appears virtually invisible. Imagine holding the Find N3 Flip in your hand and running your finger across its screen. What you will feel is not just an advanced display but an experience that closely resembles smooth, uninterrupted glass.

This remarkable feat is achieved through a combination of innovative technologies that OPPO has masterfully integrated. Whether you’re reading an e-book, browsing social
media, or watching your favourite shows, the crease is no longer a prominent

In the realm of smartphone evolution, OPPO’s Find N3 Flip stands as a true marvel, seamlessly integrating three remarkable innovations that redefine what is possible in the world of technology.

It is a testament to OPPO’s unwavering dedication to delivering an unparalleled smartphone experience that is built on the pillars of creativity, ingenuity, and a ceaseless pursuit of
perfection. Stay tuned for a new era of technology that exemplifies the belief that the best things truly come in threes.

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