Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced the Galaxy SmartTag2, launching globally on October 11. Galaxy SmartTag2 brings enhancements to the Galaxy SmartTag line that enable new and better ways to keep track of valuables.

Upgrades to the design and usability create even more use cases for the device than ever before.

“We are constantly looking at ways to make people’s lives more convenient through Samsung Galaxy’s industry-leading innovations,” said Jaeyeon Jung, Executive Vice President and Head of SmartThings, Device Platform Center at Samsung Electronics.

“With the Galaxy SmartTag2, we set out to make sure Samsung Galaxy users can find their belongings in an easy and intuitive way. With an enhanced finding experience and a longer battery life, Galaxy SmartTag2 will provide users with greater peace of mind for longer and in more situations.”

Intuitive Features Make Finding Lost Items Easier Than Ever

Galaxy SmartTag2’s brand-new Lost Mode allows users to input their contact information via a message. Then, anyone who discovers an item with a Galaxy SmartTag2 attached can use their smartphone to scan the tag and see the owners’ message and contact information.

This means a Galaxy SmartTag2 attached to a pet’s collar is now a convenient way to ensure the pet owner’s phone number is always there, in most places where the pet might wander. Lost Mode works with any mobile device with NFC reader and web browser.

Galaxy SmartTag2 now provides an improved Compass View feature, enhancing the user experience by providing arrows to show the direction and distance of the Galaxy SmartTag2 in relation to the user.

This mode is available on any UWB-supported Galaxy smartphone, such as the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The SmartThings Find app has also been upgraded, with newly registered Galaxy SmartTags that now installs a shortcut to the app on the user’s smartphone, allowing users to launch SmartThings Find more quickly.

Additionally, the app now features a full screen map view and an intuitive interface, making the user experience even more seamless. Finally, when switching Galaxy smartphones, SmartTag2 now automatically re-syncs your Galaxy smartphone using your Samsung account.

New Modes Mean Longer-Lasting Battery

Users can now enjoy Galaxy SmartTag2 for longer with the brand-new Power Saving Mode, available alongside an improved Normal mode. For users who rely on SmartTag to continually track items, Power Saving Mode is the perfect option to maintain battery life while ensuring you can keep an eye on your things.

With Power Saving Mode, Galaxy SmartTag2’s battery now lasts up to 700 days, more than twice as long as previous Galaxy SmartTag models. Even in Normal Mode, battery life is now extended to 500 days, a 50% increase on previous models.

With the flexibility to switch between two modes, users can track their valuables – from car keys to bikes – for longer.

Sleek Design Adapts to Even More Conditions and Brings More Use Cases

Galaxy SmartTag2’s new compact size and ring-shaped design was created with ease of use in mind. The large metal loop enhances product durability by using metal on the inside of the ring for greater resilience that can support accessories such as clips and keyrings.

These accessories can also attach to bags and luggage. Galaxy SmartTag2 also supports a new pet walking mode, making it easy for users to log walks with their furry friends.
Peace of Mind, Repackaged Galaxy SmartTag2 retains many of the popular features from Galaxy SmartTag and Galaxy SmartTag+.

It takes advantage of both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and UWB capabilities, leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) Find technology to visually guide users toward their item using their Samsung Galaxy smartphone camera. In addition, Galaxy SmartTag2 works within maximum Bluetooth range of 120 meters.

Samsung remains committed to securing the privacy of Samsung Galaxy users, with the device’s location only to be made available with the user’s permission. SmartThings Find also encrypts user data and is supported by Samsung Knox for an extra layer of security.

Furthermore, disabling Lost Mode immediately hides the owners’ contact information and wipes the message left by the owner from the device. For Samsung Galaxy users,

SmartThings Find can also provide security through its “Unknown tag alerts” feature. This feature alerts users of any unauthorized tracking by sending them a notification if
SmartThings Find detects an unknown SmartTag following them. This helps protect users and prevent against the abuse of location tracking services.

Galaxy SmartTag2 also works seamlessly with SmartThings Station, which is integrated with SmartThings Find – serving as an always-at-home device scanner – helping users keep track of valuables that have a SmartTag attached.

SmartThings Station will notify users of the location of their tagged item – from personal items like TV remotes, wallets, keys and registered devices like smartphones, tablets, watches and earbuds.

Pet owners will also receive an alert when a tagged collar moves too far from the SmartThings Station, helping them keep furry friends close to home.