The Galaxy Tab S9 series, Samsung Electronics’ newly released premium tablet line, is combining the best features of smartphones and laptops into a single, powerful device.

The Galaxy Tab S9, Tab S9+ and Tab S9 Ultra elevate the tablet experience through higher performance, an outstanding display, water, and dust resistance and more.

Samsung Newsroom unboxed the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra to see all the new, innovative features first-hand.

Minimal Packaging for the Sleek Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

All aspects of the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra have been carefully crafted with the utmost detail to meet the unique needs of each user – from the device’s product packaging down to the shape of the camera lens.

The redesigned packaging box is minimal in both design and material use, only containing space for the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra and its accessories. As part of Samsung’s journey towards a sustainable future, the paper used for the Galaxy Tab S9 series’ packaging is 100% recycled paper material to minimize resource use.

The box contains the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, Galaxy S Pen, Ejection Pin and USB Type-C cable. To provide increased usability across the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, the S Pen can be used with Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy Books that support S Pen as well.

An Impressive Screen for Immersive Experiences

The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra’s 14.6-inch 2  Dynamic AMOLED 2X display rivals that of a laptop screen. With an aspect ratio of 16:10, the device allows users to be fully immersed in their content.

Portability is essential when it comes to tablets, meaning they must be lightweight and thin for easy transport. With a thickness of 5.5mm, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is incredibly slim, allowing it to be easily carried almost anywhere.

The rear cameras on the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra have been upgraded to remove the surrounding frame, reflecting the same iconic rear camera design as the flagship Galaxy S23 series.

Thanks to the new contour cut design, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra boasts the thinnest and sleekest appearance within the Galaxy Tab S series.

The S Pen and Other Accessories That Enhance Convenience

Using the S Pen on the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra delivers an incredible writing experience that mimics a pen-to-paper sensation as the pen tip glides smoothly across the surface of the screen.

The S Pen’s ergonomic design naturally fits the hands of users for greater control and more precise pen strokes.

Now, users can worry less about losing the S Pen with the Galaxy Tab S9 series. When the flat side of the S Pen is placed on the top edge or next to the rear camera, it attaches magnetically.

The S Pen of the Galaxy Tab S9 series also comes with a new two-way charging feature, allowing users to charge the pen in either direction when attached to the back of the tablet.

Users can personalize their tablet using additional accessories such as the Book Cover Keyboard and Smart Book Cover, 6  which offer protection and practical functionality.

Other accessories are available for purchase including the Book Cover Keyboard Slim, Notepaper Screen, Privacy Screen, Anti-Reflective Screen Protector and more. Users can pair their Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra with such accessories that enhance productivity and meet their needs.

Stay tuned for the next series to learn more about the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra’s features, including its impressive display, chipset, and water-resistant ability.