When we think about advancement, we tend to picture its impact on the environment. And it usually gives us that queasy feeling inside. But can’t sustainability be achieved alongside innovation?

The truth is, the only way forward for our planet is for both to co-exist now. For Samsung, the role we play in helping to preserve Mother Nature has become second nature. Our
Galaxy for the Planet vision is a journey we’re on to keep finding new ways to combine sustainability and innovation.

To do this, we dived deep – into the oceans and dump heaps – and emerged with eco-conscious materials made from repurposed fishing nets, post-consumer materials (PCM) or bio-based resin, which we have flipped around to make the components of our Galaxy devices.

Take the Galaxy Z Fold4 for example: the upper case of the top speaker and connector-to-connector brackets are made from PCM, while the display connector cap and side key bracket are made from repurposed fishing nets.

As for the Galaxy Z Flip4, its receiver deco, display connector cap, upper antenna bracket, inner part of the side key and speaker modules are all PCM, while its side key bracket is made from repurposed fishing nets.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 are the poster child of the happy marriage between innovation and sustainability. So, it’s true, advancement can make a huge impact on the environment. Our choices can make a difference!