This season, leading sports brand PUMA is celebrates the continued legacy and history of its SUEDE shoe with its ‘Be Iconic’ campaign and a series of activations at PUMA stores across Malaysia.

With over 50 years of history in a shoe, the SUEDE became the quintessential PUMA sneaker while going through several names. Beginning as the PUMA CRACK, the shoe evolved into the CLYDE, then PUMA STATES and finally, globally adopting the name PUMA SUEDE.

PUMA also had a strong influence on culture beyond sports. Its iconic SUEDE was the shoe of choice for break-dancers and hip-hop artists in the 1980s and PUMA collaborated with legendary designers and artists such as Rihanna, Jil Sander and Alexander McQueen to create daring new products and collections which will forever be linked with the history of design and fashion.

Whether discussing the PUMA SUEDE’s humble beginnings as a potential basketball footwear model, or the evolution as a track shoe and its ties to the music scene and Hip-Hop community, and the various subcultures that links its base elements.

One thing is certain — PUMA changed the game and created a piece of footwear history that was defined not only by its physical attributes, but also through its ability to cultivate the chronological variables and cultural shifts that shared its timeline.

The ‘Be Iconic’ campaign will see new colourways of the SUEDE shoes being released as in-store exclusives at all PUMA stores across Malaysia. The 75 year anniversary SUEDE shoes feature a full suede upper alongside some modern touches for an improved overall quality and feel to an all-time great.

In addition, the SUEDE gets a camowave effect with layers of material reimagined into organic waves, delivering a fresh take on a classic.