I Synergy has launched a new product, wyde, which is a SaaS suite of solutions meant to empower eCommerce and the global marketplace by working seamlessly with advertiser’s digital eCommerce stores.

I Synergy Group (IS3:ASX) has now launched its new SaaS product, wyde, an ecosystem for seamless digital eCommerce including its unique NFT technology.

wyde integrates with the advertiser’s eCommerce store and lists products and offers on the wyde Influencer app, now available for downloading on the Android and Apple stores. Influencers share links to their followers that in turn allow customers to register on the wyde customer app and earn wyde reward and loyalty points by purchasing through the shared link.

The new technology will be initially launched in South-East Asia, with Australia to follow.

“wyde is a marketplace facilitator that empowers advertisers and merchants to engage, and drive revenue. This in turn reduces the cost in retaining customers for advertisers and merchants as through wyde they will be able to provide a frictionless customer journey and buying experience accompanied by a loyalty reward program which rewards spending,’ comments Mr Kevin Coutinho, Managing Director and CEO at I Synergy Group.

Built on a blockchain-based platform, this provides a faster system, enhanced security, and allows for the upselling and reselling of products based on an AI recommendation engine.

With the birth of the new wyde App, which is an integration of VTRAK (affiliate marketing platform) and Rewalty (blockchain-based loyalty program) IS3 will be able to reduce the cost of maintaining both previous platforms significantly, and facilitate transactions across its services in a seamless manner so that advertiser and user acquisition cost are reduced and customer lifetime value increases. wyde will provide a unique customer, influencer and advertiser experience.

wyde will have a diverse offering of products and services across multiple industries and market sectors and will be geographically diverse. Customers will be rewarded with wyde rewards points on the network for each transaction they make.

wyde rewards points will be usable across all wyde advertisers, so customers and influencers can generate even more rewards and keep track of them all in the one place.

Customers have the option to become an influencer (affiliate partner) and have their own referral code system in place and may choose whether they want to use the platform as an influencer or whether they would just like to complete a one-off purchase via a referral link.

If an advertiser is referred to the wyde platform, and the advertiser onboards, the user who referred the advertiser gets rewarded. Favourite products can also be recommended to friends by sharing the product via their influencer link through the App, the friend can click on the link, sign up once on the wyde App and purchase the product, and then the customer/influencer will instantly receive rewards points to their App-based wallet.

The system incorporates an indexing feature for influencers to share links based on certain categories and customers can register for notifications for new products based on discounts, availability and new products launched.

wyde will have basic influencers and super level influencers. The ability for influencers to become super influencers is via a tiering system, and enables them to receive additional benefits and rewards including the opportunity for increased earnings and other bonus rewards.

The wyde App has a single sign-on function, so instead of multiple website sign-ins, or different multiple loyalty point program registrations, customers can just use a single sign-in which they’ve created with wyde across all advertisers and their websites, this simplifies the logins for them during current and future transactions.

Users can register with wyde to obtain access to an exclusive unique digital wallet to receive rewards and join the waitlist to get access to limited NFT’s, whereby exclusive products and discounts will be offered to NFT holders on the wyde ecosystem.

The product stakeholders can increase the rewards held on their NFTs by continuing to collect points and provide value to the platform and upgrade their NFT status.

Advertisers can upsell products and services, and users can market these, as part of the loyalty program, and the app will help the advertiser to collect user data for future product announcements. The loyalty program will include tiers, as well as a custom business program for regular buyers. The advertiser can customize offers for the customers, through customer data analytics, encouraging repeat purchases.

Advertisers will have access to the existing wyde database of customers and be able to reach customers by tapping into the existing wyde influencer network of influencers.

wyde advertisers can seamlessly integrate with the wyde platform in minutes and start leveraging the company’s existing and new influencers and users. Sign up is quick and easy on the wyde Portal, after installing the App on the eCommerce Store, the wyde advertiser then imports all of the category/products into the database. Once live with offers, advertisers can track every product through a unique link to track the customers coming in through the wyde influencer network and set a custom commission rate for influencers, incentivizing them to promote the product/category. wyde charges a monthly subscription fee which also includes a fixed and variable fee that is dependent on the type of subscription.