Samsung has ranked first on Forbes & The World’s Best Employers’ for the third year in a row.

Forbes, in cooperation with Statista, a German polling agency, surveyed more than 150,000 employees across 57 countries including Korea, the U.S., UK, Germany, China, India, and Vietnam, compiling ranking of 800 companies.

With major global technology companies regularly at the top of the ranking, Samsung has ranked first for the past three years, reflecting the pride and satisfaction of the employees of Samsung, a reputable company in the IT and technology industry.

The participants of the survey were asked to rate their willingness to recommend their own employer to friends and family. They were asked to rate the companies on aspects such as economic impact and image, talent development, gender equality and social responsibility.

Participants were also asked to evaluate other employers in their respective industries that stood out either positively or negatively.

Companies are restricted from being involved in the survey process including the recruitment of survey participants, and the anonymity of participants is guaranteed.