One-of-a-kind eco friendly chargers enhance fashion style while juicing up your devices
Fashion is not merely an exercise in aesthetics, but a way of self-expression.

It goes that those who look good, feel good. But unlike the past, contemporary fashion is more intricate, being a merge between looks, technology and one’s conviction.

It can be a tall order, but InfinityLab has come to satisfy these aspects with its fine collection of innovative products. All this is possible with their unique DNA, being a
visionary startup with a powerful pedigree.

InstantGo 10000 USBC

The team at InfinityLab is composed of a group of product designers and consumer
electronic experts, people who redefine the norm and push the boundaries of technological advancement.

InfinityLab is the offshoot of the parent company, HARMAN International, a global leader in lifestyle audio, and is further backed by Samsung, one of the largest consumer electronics manufacturers in the world.

Drawing from their experience and fueled by their passion, they have come together to offer an exceptional mix of devices that will, “Power Your Everyday.” Think about
chargers, power banks, and cables, but reimagine them in a powerful, groundbreaking

Fashionable, functional

The savvy traveller is light on his feet but heavy with practicality, hence he will find his
match in the InstantGo 10000 wireless charger. Sleek and light, the device sits so well
in the pocket of your trousers that it does not form an unsightly lump, and neither will
you be aware of its presence.

InstantGo 10000 wireless white

InstantGo wireless 10000.

Say goodbye to the tangled mess that wires tend to become since you only need to place your phone atop it to begin the charging process. True to its namesake, the InstantGo 10000 comes with the unique Power Delivery 3.0 feature that ensures lightning-fast charging.

Expanding on this, an iPhone12 may take up to a record 30 minutes to charge up to 50%, while it is 40 minutes for the Samsung Galaxy S21. Note that the InstantGo 10000
has a capacity of 10W of Qi.

Manufactured in neutral black, the stealthy InstantGo 10000 pairs well with any outfit,
imbuing the fashionable individual with a sense of functionality and style. Where devices
are considered, safety is also a vital aspect.

InstantGo 10000 USBC

InstantGo 10000 USB-C Cable.

Up to three devices can be safely charged, thanks to the auto-protect function which
guards the InstantGo 10000 against overcharging, overcurrent, short circuits, and

Another notable feature is the smart passthrough function, where you can charge your
phone and power bank simultaneously even when presented with a single electrical

Users will also be interested to know that the wired counterpart of the InstantGo 10000 shares many similar features. Departing from this, they come in black or white, with a choice of either a lighting cable or a USB-C cable.

Regardless of the configuration, the InstantGo 10000 is a formidable addition to the
wardrobe of the fashion savant. Its many novelties serve to reinforce the individuality of
that unique yet discerning person, who chooses the path less travelled.

Charged with innovation

It is normal for a person to carry along electrical equipment on a journey, such as a camera or a laptop. The InstantCharger is the answer to all the bulky wall chargers that
have been weighing people down.

Unconventional yet attractive, the rugged pocket-sized InstantCharger takes little space in the luggage, yet it packs a powerful punch.

Whether it be 30W, 65W or 100W, the high-speed InstantCharger gets your equipment up and running in no time.

InstantCharger 65W

InstantCharger 65W

Now that it comes with a smart power distribution system, the InstantCharger is able to
allocate power efficiently to the devices that are plugged into it. Those looking for a
marvel of technology shall find that the InstantCharger fits this criterion, with the many
unique features packed into such a small form.

Convenient yet sustainable

The market has always been filled with generic power banks and chargers, devices that
are disposable, oftentimes unreliable and uninspiring in their design. InfinityLab is here
to redefine the market by turning the essentials into exceptional.

Despite this lofty goal, InfinityLab has always been rooted in a simple yet tried-and-true
creed. The idea is to enable people to enjoy the things they use every day. In other
words, each accessory is designed around the user and how they use it.

InfinityLab holds to the principle that consumers should not have to choose between performance and ease of use, as smart engineering can still be stylish. To capture the
zeitgeist of the 21st century, all InfinityLab products are eco-friendly, being composed of
90% recycled plastics.

Not only do they come in plastic-free, right-sized packaging, but all the paper used also
are FSC-certified and printed with soy ink. Speaking of sustainability, the ultra-durable
cable design of InfinityLab takes recycling to the next level, being woven from recycled polyester yarn.

Ultra durable cable

Ultra durable cable

Tough as nails, the cable with a lifespan of around 35,000 bends is certain to withstand the test of time. It is obvious that careful thought and meticulous planning guide each and every product of InfinityLab, from the design, and production, until the distribution stage.

Besides enjoying cutting-edge technology, users of InfinityLab products are making a
statement as conscientious humans, a mark of refinement that stands out in a world of
excessive consumerism.