Owning a car goes beyond just the build quality and reliability that a carmaker is known for. Owning a Toyota is about the thrill and joy of moving together, supported by the brands promise of going the extra mile to give customers excellent sales and after sales services for a smoother and more peaceful drive.

Malaysians can expect a reimagining of what car ownership should be about when walking into any Toyota showroom to experience the quality of thought behind the carmaker going the extra mile to provide Toyota owners with the best financial insurance packages, quality service, Toyota 24Seven roadside assist and top-notch servicing.

“At UMW Toyota Motor, we will never stop going the extra mile to bravely push boundaries to give every Toyota car owner only the very best. This is encapsulated in our strong sales and after sales offerings curated for Toyota owners to enjoy the entire journey of owning a car from the moment, they walk into one of our showrooms,” said Ravindran K, President of UMW Toyota Motor.

Beyond having a reputation for developing dependable cars, UMW Toyota Motor’s range of sales and after sales value-added-services offer a host of benefits that have been curated to provide consumers with an exceptional level of service.

A Toyota Fit for Every Need and Lifestyle

UMW Toyota Motor has gone further to bring consumers more financing options to fit a variety of needs and lifestyles coupled with insurance packages and thoughtful extras to keep everyone moving safely.

During the ownership journey, Toyota car owners have a convenient way to keep their cars
running in peak condition with the Toyota Service Savers that comes packed with additional
value for greater savings and peace of mind when it comes to maintenance.

Rewarding, Reliable and Refreshing Ownership

When it comes to rewarding car owners, Toyota goes the extra mile with the Loyal-T programme to reward owners even more for enjoying the thrill of the drive.

Toyota also offers owners reliability in more ways than one. Through the Toyota VTS, owners are able to remain connected to their cars with the help of reliable smart technology.

This same reliability is also reflected in the Toyota 24Seven roadside service which promises to keep drivers safe and back on the road in no time.

Owners looking for a refreshed transformation can rely on Toyota which offers state-of-the-art facilities to help restore or enhance the style and look of their Toyota’s body and paint for a fresh new appeal.

Quality Service, Bar None

Toyota Care Plus is an assurance to owners that Toyota will go the extra mile with all the facilities needed to make servicing easy and convenient for complete peace of mind. Meanwhile, Maxcheck uses the highest standards that are guaranteed to keep cars running smoothly and safely.

Owners are always assured that Toyota goes the extra mile to ensure quality and reliability by only using genuine parts stringently constructed and tested for the quality, reliability and durability that has come to be expected of Toyota, giving Malaysians more reasons to own one.

Toyota aims to go the extra mile to consistently exceed expectations of what owning a car is all about by curating comprehensive sales and after sales offerings that enable consumers to reimagine what they deserve from a carmaker.

Visit your nearest Toyota showroom this 18 and 19 June for a test drive and stand a chance to receive exclusive merchandise at the same time.