We are now living in a world full of volatility and uncertainties. Jobs are not guaranteed even if you have excellent academic qualifications.

Undergraduates can’t assume that once they get their degrees a job will be waiting for them.

Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera, Ts. Mohd Muzzammil Ismail was speaking at a
recent virtual Cabaran Ekonomi Belia Persidangan Meja Bulat organised by the Institute for Youth Research Malaysia (IYRES).

“This is not the case anymore amid the Covid-19 and the economic slowdown. Under the current situation, Bumiputera youths including graduates must think out of the
box and be innovative to be ahead of the game,” said Muzzammil.

Muzzammil said to set themselves apart from their peers, youths of today must be equipped with five essential skill-sets.

Under the Yayasan Peneraju nature and development programme, the skillsets are the
ability to lead, problem solving, decision making, critical thinking and effective

“These are the skillsets which every Yayasan Peneraju sponsored beneficiaries must instil in themselves if they want be marketable and employable,” said Muzzammil.

He said the recent statistics show there are more than 200,000 university graduates
nationwide who are jobless thus they must be bold and brazen.

“A stellar CGPA is not enough and they must have the necessary soft and hard skills with
the right aptitude.

“They need to do this to adopt and adapt with the new normal as they face uncertain times. These trying period include the unpredictable job market amid the pandemic to endemic transitionary period,”

He added Yayasan Peneraju had also reinvented itself to enrol youths in courses which are
relevant with current industry trends and requirements.

These include big data analytics, cloud solution, cyber security, artificial intelligence and
blockchain technology as well as professional Peneraju programmes and Peneraju

Muzammil said the country in general and for Yayasan Peneraju specifically has a lot of
work to do and a mountain to climb.

He added more than 70 percent of Bumiputera are categorised as semi- skilled and low-
skilled workers. Meanwhile nine out of 10 Bumiputeras belong in the high household debt category compared to other races.

As for professionals only 9 percent of accountants in the country are certified Bumiputera
accountants, 35 percent are chartered financial analysts and only 46 percent are medical

According to MDEC, there are now 56,000 jobs (as at April 2021) available in the ICT sector compared to 19,000 as at June 2020.

The vacancies are in software development, data science, artificial intelligence and e-
commerce. In fact, under the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint, Malaysia aims to roll out up to 20,000 cyber security professionals and 30,000 data experts by 2030.

Muzzammil added Yayasan Peneraju is committed to ensure that youths are given the
opportunities to venture into high-skilled professions in line with market trends.

He added Yayasan Peneraju is always working together with industry leaders to ensure that its beneficiaries are digital literate reflecting the industry demands.

Up to August 2021, Yayasan Peneraju has sponsored 40,546 students, of which 90 percent have found employment.

Huge investments are needed to produce a future ready bumiputera which are marketable
and employable.