If you are thinking of switching to a new Hyundai model, this is a great time as Hyundai-Sime Darby Motors (HSDM) has launched an amazing year-end trade-in campaign that offers up to RM5,000 additional value on your trade-in value.

Most used car dealers tend to undervalue second-hand Hyundai cars and will offer the lowest possible price in order to get a higher resale profit, presuming that the car will be difficult to sell.

In actual fact, the resale value for Hyundai cars is only slightly lower or on par with other car brands of the same segment given the same year make. However, thanks to HSDM’s year-end trade-in campaign, through a collaboration with multi-brand pre-owned car dealer Sime Darby Auto Selection (SDAS), car owners can now look forward to competitive prices that are hard to beat.

Hyundai’s Trade-In Program

If you are looking to purchase the latest Hyundai model, you can exchange your older Hyundai vehicle for up to an additional RM5,000 above the trade-in market value. Even if your existing car is of a different make,

Hyundai will still offer up to RM3,000 more than the trade-in price when you purchase a new Hyundai car until December 31, 2020.

Low Yuan Lung, Managing Director of HSDM said that the company is offering this generous trade-in support to ensure that customers get the best deal in the market and top value for their vehicle.

“This way, potential Hyundai car owners can shop with peace of mind, and perhaps consider buying a more premium model than they had initially planned.”

“Through our efforts, we hope to continue to invigorate the car industry, especially as the country manoeuvres through this challenging Covid-19 times,” he added.

Among some of the Hyundai models worth considering are the newly launched Elantra, Sonata, Kona, and, family favourite, 7-seater SUV Santa Fe which are currently on sale during this tax exemption period.

These distinctive models come with innovative features and impressive performance to cater to the different needs of car buyers.

In order to qualify for this special trade-in price, certain terms and conditions apply. Car owners must ensure all their documents are genuine and meet Puspakom’s requirements.

The trade-in of the used vehicle must also go through Sime Darby Auto Selection Sdn Bhd.