A Study By Wisesight, two weeks into the MCO and Malaysians are increasingly voicing out opinions on social media spheres.

The 2nd edition of this study covers chatter surrounding the topics that were of particular interest to the Rakyat, analyzing discourse on the changes in operations and enforcement, the Government’s Prihatin economic stimulus packages and the ‘Doraemon’ PSA by the Malaysian Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM) that went viral and was trending for the wrong reasons.

Wisesight’s intel on the viral PSA revealed that 86.98% of the sentiments online were negative.

Throughout 31 March regarding this topic alone there were 47,866 engagements and 5,730 mentions. 12% of the mentions by Netizens said rather than producing “useless tips” such as these, the ministry should instead focus on addressing the issue of domestic abuse and the welfare of single parents during the MCO.

Also weighing in on the issue was Shakthi DC, founder and regional director, Asia Pacific of Wisesight, who said that content with relevance, functionality, sensitivity and good common sense will go a long way in gaining audience affinity and adding value during this MCO period.

“It is clear that as a collective, Netizens do have a strong voice towards content posted by organisations. It is important especially now during the MCO, considering social media uptake has increased as a primary source to stay updated, that organisations put extra thought into what is being communicated to online communities,” she added.

In the Week 2 study, Wisesight details the events from 25th – 31st March with the aim to analyze the reactions and impact of these changes in comparison to findings from Week 1.

The latest study includes:
1. The MCO Extension announcement and the Netizens’ reaction
2. Changes in enforcement and operations
3. Top Malaysian’s concerns over the past two weeks
4. Current trending topics Malaysians were sharing online
5. MCO’s extension versus the sentiments around Ramadan
6. Rakyat’s concerns and sentiment towards the economic stimulus package Prihatin
7. Viral PSA by the Malaysian Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development
8. Other stories of key interest among Malaysians during the period analysed

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