In this Chinese New Year festive season, Gamuda Land has made its record into the Malaysian Book of Records with Malaysia’s Tallest Cherry Blossom Tree Replica installed in its 1,530-acre Gamuda Cove township.

The 30ft replica, also dubbed as a wishing tree with an investment value of approximately RM60,000, has since attracted close to 1,000 visitors per day at its peak and will continue to stand tall on display at the entrance of Gamuda Cove Experience Gallery until 4 April 2020.

“Gamuda Land has been mindful in creating memorable moments for people and the community, be it in our design and masterplan or through our activities and initiatives. As we strive to deliver our very best, we are honoured that our effort receives the accolade for being the best in Malaysia.

It is our hope that through these activities, we can bring people from local and afar together, grow a sustainable community that will look out for one another,” said Wong Yik Fong, General Manager of Gamuda Cove.

As visitors pass through the replica and enters here, they can have an immersive experience of what Gamuda Cove has to offer. From a 5G speed test panel, a virtual reality experience room, an interactive 5G information wall, a display booth for perimeter and air sensing, to an augmented reality screen for kids play, visitors will be in awe of the technological prototypes found here and have a true preliminary experience of Gamuda Cove as a “nature sanctuary, smart city”.