PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang suggested yesterday those comparing his party to the Taliban were supported by Communists, in a poem appeared intended for DAP’s Nga Kor Ming.

Deputy Speaker Nga reportedly warned that the PAS-Umno collaboration risked introducing Taliban-style rule in Malaysia, leading to repeated disagreements with Opposition lawmakers both in and outside of Parliament.

Hadi posted his short poem on his Facebook account yesterday.

“You accuse us of being Taliban; behind you are the Communists,” he wrote.

“Uphold Islam, Malays and all safe races!”

Opposition leaders continue to criticise Nga over the Taliban comparison, using it to question his impartiality in his role as a Deputy Speaker.

Nga has resisted calls for him to apologise and withdraw the remark, insisting it was “hearsay” as the offending statement was from a Chinese vernacular newspaper report.

The row led him to suspend Umno’s Tan Sri Noh Omar from Parliament last week after latter called Nga unfit to be Deputy Speaker.

The Taliban regime in Afghanistan is synonymous with extreme religious conservatism and violence. -Malay Mail Online


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