Local villagers from surrounding Johor Plantations Berhad (Johor Plantations) Basir Ismail estate in Ulu Tiram were given a surprise by a group of charity cyclists on Sunday who came to visit bringing them #JPBerkat food aid and cash contributions.

One of the recipients, 59-year-old Jalil Sulaiman said, “I was told by my supervisor that there would be people coming to visit, but I did not expect this many in my humble home. It is indeed a blessing.”

Jalil, a fieldworker of Johor Plantations at Basir Ismail estate since 1994, has been raising his two disabled children, Sabirah and Samsudin, who suffer from paralysis and seizures. Both the children require life-long care giving.

“I am very thankful to be one of the recipients in today’s programme. Any aid, no matter how small, will help me in caring for Sabirah and Samsudin,” he said after receiving the contributions from Amran Zakaria, the Head of the Human Capital Division of Johor Plantations.

Two other recipients were villagers Leha Puteh from Kg Air Putih and Suriani Sohot from Kg Sg Jempol, who live adjacent to the estate.

Amran led the #JPBerkat charity cycling programme, a CSR activity under Johor Plantations, distributing aid to 60 underprivileged recipients in conjunction with the 60th Malaysia Day.

The volunteer cyclists, including Johor Plantations’ employees, Kelab Sukan & Rekreasi Tiram, the High Castle Cyclists Kota Tinggi, and Sungai Redan Cycling Club, covered a 10km route in the surrounding area making three pit-stops to deliver #JPBerkat using Johor Plantations’ own Badang, a mechanical buffalo produced by its subsidiary JPG Jenterra.

“By organising this programme, we aim to foster love for our beloved country by strengthening community relations and instilling a spirit of patriotism while promoting a healthy and nurturing lifestyle,” he said at Johor Plantations eco-retreat near Sungai Johor, where the rest of the recipients from various backgrounds received the contributions.

#JPBerkat is Johor Plantations’ flagship CSR program, dedicated to uplifting underprivileged communities and fostering a culture of giving back. This initiative reflects Johor Plantations’ commitment to its core values and its role as a responsible corporate citizen contributing to societal well-being.