Adventure is second nature to Aaron Chan Chow Hee, a personal trainer and avid mountain biker.

Living vivaciously and loving life, he spends most of his time surrounded by nature, whether he’s out hiking, camping, or surfing, or diving.

As a group class coach who specialises in strength and conditioning, with a background in various sports, his favourite quote to his clients is, “I help people get fitter and stronger, the fun way.”

Aaron pays attention to how his gears responds to his intensity throughout workouts. He finds that the Galaxy Watch5 Pro fits his lifestyle perfectly, especially with its 2x tougher Sapphire crystal display and premium Titanium case, which provides an additional layer of durability, enduring against the toughest workouts, scratches and falls.

“I am a big fan of the robust shell of the Galaxy Watch5 Pro due to my active lifestyle. The button placements and OS are also very intuitive. The magnetic strap is user-friendly and incredibly secure for frequent use,” he shared enthusiastically.

Determining a person’s health and fitness level involves several aspects – from physical to mental, as well as emotional. The best thing one can do to achieve the optimal balance, is to have measurable metrics to track progress, recommends Aaron.

Living a fit and healthy lifestyle also requires discipline and practicing healthy habits. One of Aaron’s top priorities in fitness is to regularly monitor his body composition to assess his progress.

“The Galaxy Watch5 Pro and Samsung Health’s precise body composition analysis helps me to better understand my state of health in real-time, allowing me to set incremental goals and track my progress conveniently.

Thanks to its prompt tracking capability in just 15 seconds, I am able to plan changes to my training routines and diet almost immediately,” he said.

Equipped with all-new GPS guidance for route-based adventures, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro is the one for outdoor cyclists and hikers, providing unparalleled ease of mind for every adventure, from start to finish.

Whenever Aaron travels with Galaxy Watch5 Pro, he can enjoy biking to his fullest, without
worrying about getting lost, as the Route Workout feature enables him to plan ahead and then directs him to the right paths with vibration-guided Turn-by-turn Directions.

Aaron also mentions how much he enjoys the workout mode detection feature as he can keep records of his performance – such as travelled distance, duration, speed, heart rate, sweat loss, and more – and review it later to identify areas for growth.

As someone who strongly emphasizes on finding balance in all facets of life, wellness is certainly included. After learning about Samsung Health’s deep breathing exercise guide, Aaron advanced the breath work to the next-level. He uses the vibrations of his Galaxy Watch5 Pro as a timer and incorporates some full body stretches to relieve stress.