OPPO today announced the launch of its second-generation foldable smartphone, the OPPO Find N2. The cutting-edge Find N series sees another addition that pushes the boundaries of smartphone innovation in weight, aspect ratio, hinge technology and crease visibility.

Widely believed to have had the least visible crease on launch, last year’s Find N has since been improved upon, with the Find N2 seeing a 67% narrower crease along the main screen.

This will ensure users are able to enjoy an uninterrupted visual experience doing what they love on a larger screen. This is made possible thanks to the improved hinge design, where OPPO’s engineers miniaturised the Flexion Hinge for Find N2, while strengthening it to create a smaller, thinner, yet more robust mechanism.

OPPO has also pioneered foldable engineering techniques to reduce the number of parts required to just 100 – 38 less than its predecessor. Despite including premium materials such as carbon fibre and high-strength alloy, the Find N2 weighs 42g lesser than the original Find N without compromising on quality.

Golden Ratio – A Display of Great Proportions

The Find N2 delivers a premium experience both open and closed, using one or two hands. When closed, the device takes on aspect ratio of 17.7:9, allowing for a comfortable typing experience among other quick daily tasks such as messaging, calling, and catching up on emails.

The external display also features a gorgeous 120Hz 5.54-inch AMOLED display with up to 480Hz touch sampling rate. With a resolution of 2120 x 1080, the external screen can get up to 1,550 nits bright when outdoors.

When opened, the Find N2 starts to shine brighter as it expands into 7.1-inch expansive and smooth screen that takes on a 9:8.4 aspect ratio that feels right in the hand. It features an AMOLED panel with low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO)technology, meaning the device is capable of 1Hz to 120Hz dynamic refresh rate up to 480 Hz touch sampling rate, ensuring efficient use of the battery.

The main display also features the same 1,550 nits of brightness as the external screen, with up to 10,240 levels of automatic brightness so the Find N2 can adapt to any environment seamlessly.

On top of that, OPPO has also introduced a new anti-reflection film that significantly improves the device’s visibility, allowing for content viewing, gaming and multitasking anywhere, and at any time of the day.

Designed with Excellence in Mind

The device is finished with premium materials all around, as its flat, metal sides taper seamlessly to meet the glass or vegan leather back. On the rear, the Find N2’s curved surface raises to meet the triple camera system, rounding off at the edges and melding into the frame for a satisfyingly interruption-free overall premium design.

The Find N2 comes in three colour options: a demure Green, a classic Black with vegan leather, and a bright, matte White.

Experience Next-Level Photography Through New Angles

The triple-camera array on the rear of the Find N2 sees a 50MP main shooter built with the OIS-equipped 1/1.56-inch Sony IMX890 sensor and a 24mm ƒ /1.8 aperture. With all-pixel omnidirectional intelligent focusing, every pixel on Find N2’s main sensor is a focus point, so nearby subjects look sharp while backgrounds appear soft.

It also includes a 48MP ultra-wide 1/2-inch Sony IMX581, ƒ/2.2, 14mm lens, allowing the Find N2 to focus on close or far-away subjects. With its high resolution, it is perfect for expansive landscape photos and videos and can capture close-up, macro photography.

The set-up is finished with a 1/2.74-inch Sony IMX709, ƒ/2.0, 47mm 32MP telephoto lens, an OPPO-developed solution that is implemented by Sony hardware.

The MariSilicon X brings with it, the same super-efficient AI computing power that debuted on the Find X5 Pro, lending its superior 4K Ultra Night Video capabilities to enable powerful image processing akin to computational photography thanks to AI Noise Reduction (AINR).

4K Ultra HDR Video also features on the Find N2, as OPPO’s signature Imaging NPU also allows 4K HDR video to be captured in an incredible dynamic range, ensuring shadow information is preserved with maximum integrity.

All these elements come together to create a photography experience like no other on the Find N2, once again developed in partnership with Hasselblad.

With new angles comes new possibilities, and the Find N2 does just that with FlexForm Capture. It introduces new modes starting with Waist-Level Framing that recreates the unique shooting experience of classic Hasselblad cameras.

With Find N2, users can shoot at a lower position while still seeing what is on- screen, for a steadier hold and a more dynamic angle. FlexForm mode, meanwhile, unlocks multi-angle shooting while Find N2 sits stable and stationary on a surface.

Placed on the ground, users can achieve a low angle for upward shooting, and on a high surface, capture a steady, all-encompassing top-down view, or a 4K, tripod-free time-lapse. Lastly, External Display Selfie mode helps users get more out of the rear camera mix. Open Find N2, activate the camera, turn on the external display preview, and users can take wide and ultra-wide selfies with natural depth and stunning quality.

Powered by Qualcomm’s Premium Mobile Platform

Premium build, camera and design meet only the best from Qualcomm, as the 4mm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform powers the OPPO Find N2.

Qualcomm’s 4th Gen Snapdragon X65 5G Modem-RF System ensures 5G connectivity is both fast, and light on battery consumption, and with its 7th Gen Qualcomm AI Engine, the chip is efficient across the board. Find N2’s hardware, combined with ColorOS 13 and the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 turns the phone into a powerhouse, perfect for demanding apps and large-screen multi-tasking.

A Battery Built for a Foldable

Although Find N2 is smaller and lighter than Find N, thanks to the miniaturisation of the second-generation Flexion Hinge structure, Find N2 features a high capacity, 4520mAh battery. It is expected to last longer than the original Find N, despite the Find N2’s improved hardware.

Charging is set to be a breeze as the Find N2 uses OPPO’s 67W SUPERVOOC flash charge technology. Shipping with the SUPERVOOC charger, Find N2 can be powered up to 37% in just 10 minutes, as it takes just 42 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%, making it one of the fastest charging folding phones currently available.

ColorOS 13 Optimised for Find N2

Running the show is the reliable, trustworthy ColorOS 13 that combines the best of Android 13 and ColorOS with OPPO’s foldable mastery. The major highlight sees an enhanced split screen experience where a two-finger swipe down the middle of its 7.1-inch screen quickly activates a split-screen view that takes full advantage of the large, folding display.

When in split-screen view, users can easily take a screenshot of one or both apps. A simple three-finger swipe down on the left or right side will screenshot that app, and a swipe down the middle will capture the entire split-screen view.