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HUAWEI WATCH Fit 2 Perfect for workout beginners, the HUAWEI WATCH Fit 2 can be a personal trainer or a friend to you! With exclusive fitness animations and voice-guided warm-up stretches for common workouts like running, cycling and swimming, you can access to your virtual personal trainer anytime with a click of a button on the smartwatch. Of course, you can enjoy all these workout demos with a bigger 1.74-inch screen 2 with ultra-clear and wide viewing experience.


For those who are looking for a watch with more features to complement not only your workout gear but also day-to-day outings, choose between the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3, HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner, or HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro.

If you are a sport lover, these watches are your perfect companion as it has 100 or more workout modes, including hiking, climbing, skiing and more. Not only that, equipped with HUAWEI TruSleep feature, these watches can ensure you have the rest you need as your body recovers from all your vigorous workouts.

Form consistent sleep schedules and develop healthy habits as these watches set daily goals and offer thoughtful reminders to assist you.