A new interior radar feature developed by Volvo Cars’ engineers is designed to be accurate and sensitive enough to detect the tiniest movements at sub-millimetre scale – such as those of a sleeping toddler.

It’s the first such feature to cover the entire interior of the car, including the trunk. Volvo Cars’ new radar system which will be included in our forthcoming Volvo EX90 all-electric
SUV, is designed to help address a cause of tragedy that has proven all too real for too many families.

US government statistics show that since 1998, more than 900 children in the US have died after being left in hot cars. Heartbreakingly, most hot car deaths occur because someone forgot that their child was in the car at the time.

Volvo Cars want to help ensure that no one will be left behind or forgotten. The new interior radar system will first be rolled out as standard, where regulation allows, on the Volvo EX90 that will be revealed on November 9.

The feature will also be included in other forthcoming Volvo car models.

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With sensors integrated in the overhead console, the roof-mounted reading lamps and the trunk of the car, it is the first interior radar system that can detect sub-millimetre movement in the entire interior of the car.