Driven by its corporate mission to develop a sustainable society, Epson Malaysia, a leader in the field of printing and visual technology, is partnering up with Malaysia’s leading environmental NGO – EcoKnights – in a series of meaningful fundraise and educational efforts to help drive sustainable business practices among Malaysia’s Small-Medium Enterprises.

Epson’s printer sustainability campaign – Be Cool, features their Heat-Free technology as the ecological choice for business owners and a RM20,000 donation to help Ecoknights in their Trees for Us initiative – a program designed to tackle the rehabilitation of damaged or degrading ecosystems.

As Malaysia moves towards becoming a high-technology country by 2030, there is a need to continuously innovate by promoting growth and giving support to the businesses to move from linear economies to circular ones.

Fadly Bakhtiar (Program Director, EcoKnights) _ Hanson Ong (Head of Marketing, Epson Malaysia)

One way to do so is to improve the efficiency of using finite resources with a zero-waste approach while exploring greener alternatives for everyday consumption.

“Aligned with Malaysia’s commitment to a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive development, the Epson Vision 2050 outlines the company’s efforts in contributing to the
development of a sustainable society by leveraging efficient, compact and precision technologies to reduce the environmental impact of products and services across their life

One example of such is the profound reduced energy consumption made possible by our Heat-Free technology,” said Daisuke Hori, Managing Director of Epson Malaysia.

With Epson Heat-Free technology, Epson business inkjet printers consumes up to 85% less
energy than a similar-speed laser printer. For a typical office that requires frequent printing, this can amount to distinct savings in their annual energy bills.

Inkjet printers also produce up to 85% less carbon dioxide than those of comparable laser printers. This means that for every 6 cedar trees required to absorb the amount of carbon dioxide as a result of using a laser printer, an Epson inkjet printer requires only 1 cedar tree.