With advanced 3D’ LiDAR sensors and AI Object Recognition technology, the new Jet Bot AI+ identifies objects and adjusts to multiple surfaces for an optimized clean

Samsung Malaysia Electronics today launched its latest tech- savvy robot vacuums, the Samsung Jet Bot AI+ for effective and powerful cleaning on any type of floor at minimal effort.

Samsung Jet Bot AI+ is the world’s first Intel AI-powered smart robot vacuum that uses 3D sensor and enhanced object recognition to navigate through the home with the same efficiency and care that many users do.

A LiDAR sensor, similar to that used in self-driving cars, detects distance and tracks location for precise movements, while the 3D sensor recognises the difference between objects such as a toy and the leg of a chair, and the room’s shape to smartly manoeuvre around it.

With this technology, the vacuum is able to clean homes more efficiently and thoroughly, as it calculates its location accurately and optimises its path, without having users check and clear each room for obstacles.

Powerful Cleaning with Long-Lasting Suction Power

The Jet Bot AI+ is powered by an advanced digital inverter motor to maximise the 30W suction power of its Jet Cyclone system, offering consistently powerful suction to effectively clean the home at every turn.

Its Jet Cyclone multi-cyclone structure captures large dust in a mesh grille filter in the first
chamber, while a second chamber with eight separate cyclones traps fine dust, to further help reduce the loss of suction power while in use.

Users can now enjoy effective cleaning without having to worry about tangles as the robot vacuum cleaner’s self-cleaning High-efficiency Brush comes with fine fibres made of soft woven textiles, including anti-static silver that can pick up dust from hard floors and reaches into hard-to-reach crevices, while the High-efficiency Extractors grinds-up loose hairs to avoid getting them tangled around the brush.

When in Smart Mode, the Jet Bot’s Intelligent Power Control can also identify the type of surface and amount of dust, and then automatically adjusts its suction power to clean the area thoroughly.

When transitioning from hard floors to carpets, for example, the vacuum increases the suction power to clean deeper into carpets with its power control technology.