Samsung Wallet is revolutionizing the way you handle everyday transactions, and now it’s available on the affordable Galaxy A15 5G. This powerful tool makes managing your finances easier and more rewarding.

With a debit card feature, users can seamlessly tap once to add their card and enjoy the convenience of tapping to pay at any NFC terminal. Gone are the days of rummaging through bags in search of physical cards – Samsung Wallet simplifies transactions, making everyday payments effortless.

Whether you’re paying for tolls, petrol, or grabbing a quick meal at a fast food restaurant, you can earn points without minimum spend. These points quickly accumulate, offering you
rebates of up to RM720 per year on any product from the Samsung online store, along with
attractive vouchers.

Security is paramount with Samsung Wallet. Knox Security safeguards your sensitive information even if your phone is lost or stolen. This enhanced security feature provides peace of mind, making Samsung Wallet a valuable tool for budget-conscious users looking to maximize their savings and rewards through everyday spending.

For those looking for an affordable smartphone packed with these valuable features, the Galaxy A15 5G is now available at a special price starting from RM899. As part of the Parents Day promo, you can enjoy up to RM200 off on the Galaxy A15/A25 5G until 17 June 2024.

Head to your nearest Samsung store or check online to take advantage of this fantastic offer and experience the convenience and security of Samsung Wallet on the new Galaxy A15 5G.


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