The era of mobile AI has come, and early adopters are already riding the waves of the latest innovation. To fuel the conversation, Samsung has made significant updates to the Try Galaxy app to offer Live Translate, Chat Assist, Note Assist, Photo Assist and Circle to Search with Google — so that those still on the fence can experience Galaxy AI without changing phones.

Previously tailored to iOS users, the Try Galaxy app is now available on all Android devices including Galaxy models for the first time. This means more users can explore the latest features of the Galaxy S24 series and One UI 6.1.

All things considered, it may be high time to give Try Galaxy… a try. What’s New: Explore Galaxy AI Through Widgets and Tutorials

The updated Try Galaxy app simulates the experience of looking at an actual Galaxy S24 Series home screen. Once users are in the app, tutorials and interactive content help them navigate the latest interface.

The new widget on the second page of the home screen introduces the core AI-powered features of the Galaxy S24 series and its advanced camera tools. Users can tap each item to watch short demonstration videos explaining the features and how they’re applied in daily life.

Check marks appear next to the completed items so users can track their progress.
Below is an overview of the new AI features spotlighted in the widget:
 Live Translate: Communicate without language barriers using the real-time, two-way call translation feature built into the native app. Effortlessly get in touch with a ride-share driver or make a restaurant reservation in a foreign country with voice and text translations of phone calls, supported in 17 languages including variations.

 Note Assist: Take notes as usual, but now receive instant AI-generated summaries to help streamline and organize notes. Turn dense paragraphs into bullet points with headers for easy review. The feature allows for automatic formatting, spell check and translations.

 Chat Assist: Refine the tone of any text message for the occasion, ranging from professional to casual. Send polished meeting agendas to the boss, and chat with international friends in Spanish. The AI built into the Samsung Keyboard can also translate messages in real-time in 17 languages including variations so that users can communicate better across cultural and language barriers.

 Photo Assist: Get the perfect shot with the help of Generative Edit, an AI tool that allows users to resize, reposition or even remove objects within photos. Use the Erase Reflection tool to automatically remove unwanted shadows and light reflections.

 Circle to Search with Google: With a circling gesture, search for anything displayed on
screen without switching apps. When users spot something they like in a social media post, they can simply long-press the home button and draw a circle around the image to get instant and helpful search results about the coveted item.

Depending on the location, generative AI-powered overviews will be provided.

In addition to the AI features, the widget sheds light on the Galaxy S24 series’ advanced camera tools. Through immersive tutorial videos shot from first-person perspective, users can learn how to take clear, bright photos at night from far away using Nightography Zoom, record steady videos of subjects moving at high speed with the Super Steady feature and shoot impressive portraits and selfies in Portrait mode.

Other Updates and Availability

While on the app, users can also check out the new Galaxy Themes or background images beyond Wallpapers, offered on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. As a bonus, three types of Art Wallpapers including graffiti and pop art are available for download.

To learn more about the Galaxy ecosystem, users can swipe through informative cards introducing features such as seamless multi-device connectivity, file-sharing capabilities and body composition data available through Samsung Health. For a quick intro to the latest foldable experience, users can watch introductory videos showcasing the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5.

The Try Galaxy app currently supports 20 languages encompassing 120 countries and has amassed over 18 million cumulative downloads since its launch in 2022. Download the updated app by simply scanning a QR code or visit


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