It seems these days there isn’t anything AI (Generative AI in particular) cannot do when it comes to flexing its abilities in creative pursuits. Users can now compose entire symphonies and visual art pieces in minutes, defeat world-class chess-masters, and even autonomously conduct space travel, exploration and observation.

In fact, so disruptive has AI’s (Generative AI in particular) ability to mimic and augment human creativity been that it has led to fears that we will be eventually reduced to a supporting role, or worse, replaced outright by AI powered technologies.

However, this disruption may turn out to be exactly what we need to realise our creative potential more fully as long as we can find creative ways in leveraging these technologies to add a little touch of magic to our creativity.

The Write Stuff

Legendary storytellers like our very own A. Samad Said and Tan Twan Eng occupy a very special rung in creative expression through the written word. After all, there is an art to even the simplest forms of writing, from the article that you’re reading right now, to a romantic note between two lovers.

Generative AI, exemplified by models like Samsung Gauss Language, empowers machines to generate human-like text autonomously. It comprehends context, style, and tone, producing coherent paragraphs, articles, or even creative pieces.

This technology revolutionizes content creation by facilitating tasks such as summarizing documents, writing text for emails or internal company communications, translating text, and more.

Code: The Next Universal Language

Finnish computer programmer, children’s book author, and founder of Rails Girls, Linda Liukas, writes “Code is the next universal language. In the future, all barriers to communication will crumble as we become fluent in programming.”

With this eventuality, it would only make sense for us to learn how to speak to computers in its own language. Developers now have access to a wide variety of AI solutions for code generation including tools like Samsung Gauss Code and a coding assistant (code.i), which operates based on it. Currently optimized for in-house software development at Samsung, this model allows developers to code easily and quickly.

Seeing is Believing

Every influencer knows this – images tell stories, it captures moments in time, it frames a narrative, creates, confirms, and distorts realities. With image generation AI models like Samsung Gauss Image, users can now easily generate and edit creative images, including style changes and additions, while also converting low-resolution images to high-resolution.

Of course, some of these abilities already exist in programmes like the Galaxy Enhance-X which provides users with a broad range of tools including HDR. Furthermore, the Upscale tool boosts the resolution of images compressed by via social media or other messaging apps to under 1MP by up to four times for consistent, sharp detail.

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