The night sky is like a giant tapestry. Woven among thousands of stars are dozens of constellations…Orion, Ursa Major, Sagittarius, Gemini… Did you know that there are 88 constellations recognised by the International Astronomical Union?

Ever since people walked the Earth, they’ve pointed up at the sky, named the celestials, used it to navigate space and time, and determine their calendars, seasons and weather.

The universe has carefully hidden its dark secrets, but let’s uncover a few with the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s powerful camera.

The Moon

Other than inspiring romantic songs, the moon is also a great subject for the stargazing photographer. When you hit snap, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera system combines super high-resolution tech, which captures multiple frames for processing, with AI, which enhances details and removes noise.

The result you get are Epic images of the moon, craters and all!

On Zoom, the camera employs Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS) and Video Digital Image Stabilisation (VDIS) to reduce the effects of shaking without having to use a tripod. Here are our tips – rotate your device to landscape and hold it with both hands.

Use the zoom map to check where the moon is and adjust it to be in the centre of the screen. When the zoom map border changes from white to yellow, take the photo.

The Stars & Constellations

A little more elusive than the moon, stars and constellations can be captured with two special features on the Expert RAW app, called Astrophoto and Hyperlapse. Astrophoto allows you to capture more detail in the dark.

Set the exposure manually or let the camera decide, then point your device skyward and snap.

For a moving visual of the heavens, swipe your camera mode to “More” and tap on Hyperlapse, choose the Infinity timer, select 300x speed in UHD quality, and enable Star Trails mode. Record the shooting stars for at least an hour, then speed it up into mere seconds for stunning footage.

Check out this video to learn more:
But do ensure to go stargazing when there is little, or no moonlight and the sky isn’t cloudy. Find an area away from streetlamps, neon signs, and headlights.

Each Other

Let’s not forget that we too exist in this galaxy, so capture the beauty of Earth and all its inhabitants from dusk till dawn with the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Nightography. Gently blur the background to put your friends in focus and let DSLR-level details shine in your dreamy Night Portraits.

Meanwhile, Night Videos will be stable and sharp in low light, even if they’re backlit.

Can You Send Me That?

When day breaks, everyone will gather around to admire your stunning moments from the night before and are sure to ask you one thing, “Can you send me that?” The Galaxy S23 Ultra has made you the designated photographer for the rest of your gatherings.

Explore the epic secrets of the galaxies today:


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