Astro is thrilled to usher in the auspicious Year of the Dragon with the launch of its Chinese New Year (CNY) campaign. Infused with the festive spirit, Astro’s campaign with the tagline “开心龙龙Way (Happiness Goes a Long, Long Way)” is dedicated to preserving the essence of Astro’s Happy Dragon from 12 years ago, encouraging everyone to continuously spread and share happiness throughout the year.

In line with this, Malaysians can look forward to an array of exciting offerings including a
special CNY music album, exclusive merchandise such as the Happy Dragon plush toy, a
nationwide roadshow featuring performances by local artists, CNY-themed WhatsApp
stickers and a diverse range of CNY content to enrich the festive experience.

After twelve years, we are excited that our beloved CNY mascot, Happy Dragon Kai Xin Long is making a return, accompanied by a new junior mascot, Le Long Long to spread joy and happiness to all Malaysians.

Astro Celebrates Longevity and Heritage as The Malaysia Book of Records Holder Astro is proud to be recognised as the “Longest-running annual Chinese New Year music video producer” in Malaysia, for 16 years in a row as recorded in The Malaysia Book of Records.

This achievement is a testament to our commitment to celebrating the rich traditions of Chinese culture and bringing joy to Malaysians during this special time of year.

Exclusive CNY Music Album Featuring Four NEW Songs

In 2024, Astro and Multimedia have made substantial investments to jointly co-create the
Chinese New Year album ‘Happy Dragons 2024’ and theme song titled “Happy Long Long Way’ thus elevating our strengthened partnership.

The CNY album brings together over 60 artists to embody the concept of the classic song &”开心过年 (Kai Xin Guo Nian)” from 12 years ago to express the same joy and celebration initiated by the original “Happy Dragon” track.

Being Astro’s 16th Chinese New Year album, it is jam-packed with joyful and meaningful songs during this auspicious time, this lively and catchy music album features four new CNY songs with a unique story to each track: