Beyond Insights, a key leader in stock market education, celebrates over a decade of commitment to building adept and resilient traders in navigating market volatility.

This milestone anniversary highlights the company’s success in empowering a new generation of investors and traders, equipped to thrive in an evolving financial landscape.

The company attributes its sustainability to its 30-strong team of experienced coaches and
trainers. More than just educators, these professionals are also active traders who practise
the systems they teach.

This real-life application enables them to effectively bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical trading skills. Hundreds of traders have found success through their guidance, benefitting from personalised coaching programs designed to accelerate development and deepen understanding.

Beyond Insights founder Kathlyn Toh reiterates the company’s commitment to empowering
traders and investors to be versatile enough to navigate these fluctuations successfully.

“We understand that volatility in the stock market is not a passing phase; it’s a constant. Our aim is to It’s not just about surviving the markets; it’s about thriving in them,” says Toh, adding that by building up their versatility in trading and preparing investors to adapt to the market confidently, the traders will not only be capable of handling volatility but can capitalise on the opportunities that arise.

Kathlyn Toh, Founder of Beyond Insights

The company’s comprehensive curriculum is strategically designed to cater to diverse trading objectives, markets, and timeframes. One of Beyond Insights’ focal areas is developing a deep, experiential understanding of what constitutes a good trading system
and how it aligns with an individual’s trading style and goals.

Students are encouraged to learn strategies of different time frames, and macro and industry trends affecting the market, and practise multiple trading systems under the structured guidance of experienced coaches, who provide invaluable feedback.

Also offered are hands-on tutorials, supported by smart software applications that lay out the decision-making process. This holistic approach within an all-encompassing ecosystem beyond the traditional classroom ensures that traders are not just theoretically sound but also practically proficient.

“Just as megatrends like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, cashless society, next generation broadband, and clean energy are unstoppable, they will carry the growth of the related
industries. Therein lies the certainty for investors so long as they can identify the specific
industry/company to invest in, understand the right timing for entry and exit, and perform the necessary risk management.”

While the combination of an all-rounded curriculum, experienced coaches and trainers, and
a novel support system have been key differentiators for the industry leader, Beyond Insights takes it a step further with its well-researched and designed framework. It has continuously advocated a systematic approach to negate risks of stock market trading that has often been falsely and negatively compared to gambling, especially among the older generation.

Since its founding, the company has made this subject a priority mission in spreading the right awareness to enlighten more people. When it comes to volatility and uncertainty, Beyond Insights acknowledges that the stock market has exhibited this trend in recent times and is set to persist.

Factors like political tension, regionally fought warfare, global technology warfare, as well as misinformation on social media and news outlets further compound the current complexity of the situation.

Beyond Insights, however, opines that as volatility will continue to be an inherent aspect of
financial markets, the important buffer lies in equipping traders to manage it effectively and with the right mindset.

As Beyond Insights moves into its next decade, it remains steadfast in its mission to provide the most comprehensive and effective trading education. It currently has 58.5k subscribers in its database, most of whom are Malaysians.

They are constantly educated about safe and systematic approaches to investing and trading whether through e-newsletters or public seminars. According to established Malaysian brokerage firm Malacca Securities, the number of accounts for M+ Online (brokerage for Bursa Malaysia market) has increased 62.7% from quarter 2 to quarter 3 this year, and the number of shares traded have also increased 83.07% in the same period, underscoring the exponential rise of Malaysians’ participation in the market.

Since 2019, Beyond Insights has continually innovated and increased its investment not only on the human capital front but, also in technology resources through software application development.

One of these applications is known as Beyond Insights Trade Simple (BiTS) that has a built-in journaling feature that enforces one of the critical disciplines for better stock market success. This tool feature allows users to record their decisions and mental state during the decision-making process, which serves as dashboard information for them to analyse and review to improve their performance in the long run.

It has been designed such that it could even assist retail investors and traders to approach the market with acute professional know-how.


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