Samsung Electronics’ “Everyday SmartThings with Son” campaign video has garnered attention from Galaxy and football fans alike for showcasing the innovative SmartThings home system.

To hear more about his filming experience, Samsung Newsroom sat down with world-renowned football star Son Heung-min and learned more about his favourite SmartThings features.

Q. What motivated you to participate in the Samsung SmartThings campaign?

When the Galaxy Z Flip was first released, I remember being impressed by its design — which led me to buy a Galaxy smartphone right away and switch both my tablet and watch to Galaxy devices.

As a Galaxy fan, I love how my Galaxy products are all connected, allowing me to do things like check workout progress or calories burned on my phone or tablet while I’m exercising.
Naturally, I was excited when Samsung approached me to participate in this campaign.

Q. What is the best thing about using SmartThings?

SmartThings has become a feature I really need. Once set up, the platform manages everything and gives me time and energy to focus on other stuff. The ability to find compatible products nearby and automatically pair them is so easy to do. It allows me to be much more efficient and productive.

Q. Have you been using SmartThings since the shoot?

Absolutely! I actually recently switched my TV and vacuum cleaner to Samsung’s latest
appliances. Since my family is quite serious when it comes to cleaning, I can easily keep track of the areas I last cleaned with SmartThings — helping me keep my place tidy on my days off.

Q. What was your favourite scene in this shoot?

If I had to choose just one feature, my favourite would be the gaming scene since I love playing video games. In the video, once I place my phone on the wireless charger and SmartThings automatically creates the perfect gaming environment.

And there’s even lighting synced to the gaming screen via Hue Sync, so I really like to play games.

That’s when you will discover SmartThings takes gaming to another level. If you like playing video games, I strongly recommend using Gaming Mode on SmartThings for an all-new gaming experience.

※ Compatible lighting must be purchased separately; paid subscription of the Hue Sync app is required through Samsung TV app; availability and the timing of support may vary by country and region.

Q. What are some specific SmartThings features you would like to highlight?

SmartThings helps me reduce energy consumption and control energy usage across all my
products in real time. I’m able to view energy usage and maximize energy efficiency with AI Energy Mode to be more conscious about energy saving.

In addition, I like how SmartThings allows me to expand the ways I use my TV. Before the shoot, I only played video games and watched football on my TV. Now, after learning about SmartThings and its functions, I use my TV to control home appliances, chat with friends while watching football and keep track of my workout progress while exercising.

I hope more people are able to make use of these innovative features.

Q. Is there anything you want to share about your experience on this campaign?

Through this campaign, I was able to experience how SmartThings can program my home
appliances based on my daily routine. SmartThings goes beyond convenience — it delivers a whole new experience.

For those who haven’t experienced SmartThings yet, I encourage you to try it out! I look forward to getting involved with other Samsung campaigns and seeing the future of SmartThings!

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