Do you want to stay focused, save time, and embrace the simplicity of interconnected devices?

Experience a new era of convenience that empowers you to work smarter and faster with Multi-Control on the Galaxy Tab S9 Series.

Offering seamless device control and integrated user experience across your Galaxy devices, you can now effortlessly manage multiple devices using just one, streamlining your daily interactions.

Imagine a scenario where you are fully focused in your tasks on your Galaxy Tab S9, and a colleague urgently messages you on your Galaxy smartphone. Instead of interrupting your flow, you can reply to the message on your Galaxy Tab S9 Series’ screen and use the Book Cover Keyboard to type.

You can also easily drag and drop files from your Galaxy smartphone to your tablet and vice versa. The Multi-Control feature not only helps you be productive, it adds a touch of elegance to your work environment.

The sleek design of the Galaxy Tab S9, combined with the accompanying keyboard, forms a stunning set of devices that optimize multitasking all day, every day. Grab the Galaxy Tab S9 Series from now until 31 October 2023 to enjoy these promos: