The positive growth of MedsHD — an innovative digital screen network housed at clinics and hospitals — has encouraged its parent company, MedAds Media Sdn Bhd, to set its sights on growing two-fold by the end of 2023.

CEO of MedAds Media, Ezuan Yaacob, said, “We had set out with a vision to transform healthcare communication and the journey has been nothing short of intriguing. We have witnessed remarkable growth since we started a year ago as we now see MeDSHD active in 53 clinics and two university hospitals with a total number of 65 screens.”

He added that the reception among healthcare institutions had been “overwhelmingly positive,” as healthcare outlets were increasingly interested in adopting MedsHD to engage patients and visitors.

“This transformative platform has garnered 2.5 million viewers and the number continues to climb, thus showing an impact. We are focusing on expanding our number of screens to 100 in the Klang Valley by the end of 2023 before extending our reach within Malaysia to offer the MedsHD experience to more healthcare institutions,” Ezuan said.

As part of the company’s 2024 vision, MedAds Media intends to widen MedsHD’s reach to more private hospitals and clinics. This will be coupled with the opportunity to partner other healthcare facilities, the likes of physiotherapy centers and pharmacies.

“There are promising opportunities to setting up in government hospitals but this presents us with unique challenges that we are prepared to address,” Ezuan said, adding that MedsHD stands out from other digital advertising platforms due to its contextual relevance, and the offer for a revenue-sharing model for clinics and hospitals it is set up in.

MedAds Media has tailored packages and set competitive pricing to make the service accessible to smaller businesses and small and medium enterprises. The approach empowers big dreams for smaller brands without bursting budgets, and an all-round win-win approach for all parties.

“MedsHD is centered on the power of education and we leverage a captive and engaged audience that watch health information and educational content that is curated through collaborations with healthcare experts, organizations and institutions like the Ministry of Health. We want to ensure that our content is accurate, informative and engaging as our screens are housed within a vicinity that trusts MedsHD as a valuable resource to deliver important health information.

“In line with the industrial evolution, we also have plans to integrate artificial intelligence into our service. We have already implemented traffic sensor devices that are designed to gain more advanced analytics of MedsHD’s viewership. We hope to better understand viewer engagement and be able to personalize content to create a more immersive and tailored experience in the near future,” Ezuan said.

In its commitment to enhance MedsHD’s capabilities, MedAds Media actively partners with tech companies, health-tech start-ups and research institutions to harness the most recent innovations and insights in healthcare communication. The firm also works closely with advertising agencies to disseminate information about MedsHD’s network as a reliable advertising network housed within healthcare facilities.

“What’s important to note is we place utmost importance in ethical advertising given that we are based in healthcare environments. To maintain ethical advertising standards, MedsHD ensures all content meets regulatory and ethical standards.

“While for healthcare products, we strongly recommend advertisers seek the approval of the Ministry of Health’s Pharmaceutical Services Division, we have also worked with brands across diverse industries encompassing education, insurance, food and beverage as well as fashion brands to convey their messages responsibly, and effectively in these safe, healthcare environments,” Ezuan added.

“Among some of the prominent names that have harnessed MedsHD’s unique capabilities in the past year are Lembaga Zakat Selangor, Zurich Insurance, Etiqa Insurance, Salixium Test Kit, and many others.”

“We envision our future as one that will continue revolutionizing healthcare communication. In the next five years, we see MedsHD expanding its network further and making an even more significant impact on healthcare information delivery, not just in Malaysia but potentially beyond our borders and we are excited for what this holds for us,” Ezuan said.