Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IOT Institute (MARii) announced the MARii Unified E-Commerce Initiative, and the development of the MARii E-Commerce Marketplace, today in its headquarters in Cyberjaya.

The first announcement is the MARii Unified E-Commerce Initiative, that enables the development of various aspects of e-commerce based on the Unified Commerce strategy. This initiative places backend commerce elements such as procurement, enterprise and manufacturing resource planning, accounting, payment gateways, logistics, inventory, product information and warehouse management all under one system, using the MARii Cloud Web Services (MACWES) that was established by MARii in 2020.

The second announcement is the development of the MARii E-Commerce Marketplace. The marketplace platform will be configured to deliver a customised retail and service environment for automotive and mobility-based businesses, in line with the National Automotive Policy 2020 to develop Mobility as a Service and integrate new business types into the current automotive sector, such as Sharing concepts, multimodal transportation, E-payments, Connected Living and Telematics.

Both initiatives are developed to assist entrepreneurs within the e-commerce ecosystem, gearing towards opportunities for market expansion locally and internationally, in line with the NAP 2020. They are important additions to the various existing initiatives driven by the Government, including the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

“The initiatives announced today are important milestones for the country’s digitalisation agenda, which sweeps beyond the automotive and mobility sectors. In line with the government’s National e-commerce Strategic Roadmap, they serve as stepping stones for new business models, including MaaS based businesses to bridge their B2B and B2C networks and expand their markets to the right audience”, said Dato’ Ts. Madani Sahari, MARii CEO.

In the same event MARii signed a Memorandum of Understanding with PH Empire Holding Berhad (PHEHB) on the enhancement of the Shopker e-commerce platform.

Through the MoU, both parties agree to develop required technologies to support e-commerce activities, including B2B, B2C, C2C and C2B (consumer to business). The development includes initiatives to enhance discovery of local products and services, as well as the expansion of automotive and technology-based vendors within the Shopker vendor list.

The Shopker application will be the second application to be integrated the MARii Unified E-Commerce initiative, after the MARii E-Commerce Marketplace. While MARii’s marketplace platform will focus on the automotive and mobility sectors, Shopker will focus on retail of consumer products.